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Select the best Blade for the job

Your new Hawk Scroll Saw uses the standard 5 inch long, plain end (not pin end) scroll saw blades. The many varieties and sizes that are shown on our blade chart are available to order from Bushton Manufacturing by phone or online. Make sure you use quality blades for best performance of your saw and achieve the best results with your projects.

This is just a little overview of the blades we offer. Select the Printable Blade Chart button on the left for a complete list of the blades we carry. We stock every one of those blades for a reason. We try to have the best blade for your project in stock at all times. There is no one blade that works best for every need. That is why we have over 70 different blades in stock and ready to ship.

Experiment with the various types and sizes of blades to determine which blade works best for your application, cutting style, speed and the type of material you are working with. Our blade guide is only a starting point and not a rule. Use the blade size you feel most comfortable with and gives you the best results.
Some tips and Advice

There are literally hundreds of types, styles and sizes of blades available for cutting most an material you choose. Here is some information on blade types. 
Originally designed for a hand fret saw, these blades are ideal for power scroll saw. This blade is for use in general cutting. It is recommended for wood, plastics, rubber, fabric, paper, alabaster, and most often non-metallic materials.
Reverse tooth blades have skip tooth style teeth and reverse teeth that eliminate underside tear-out and provide a smoother splinter free finish.
Double Tooth Blades have 2 teeth together followed by a flat space for effective chip removal. They cut fast leaving clean edges in wood or plastic.
Diamond Blades

The diamond blade is the newest and most unique blade yet. The blade is manufactured by impregnating a round rod with diamond chips. For crafters who enjoy making stained glass projects, or do large amounts of ceramic or marble cutting, the diamond blade is the answer. The diamond blade must be kept wet at all times while cutting. Hawk Woodworking Tools carries a drip tank system to use with your Hawk Scroll Saw. Order Item #965-0300. DO NOT attempt to cut tempered glass as it will shatter like a car windshield.
These Blades are designed for use on the hand held jewelers saw frame still used frequently among jewelry designers. Its hardened steel composition and teeth configuration make it ideal for cutting non-ferrous metals such as gold, steel, copper, brass, bronze, and aluminum. To cut metals using your Hawk Scroll Saw, you will need to slow the saw down and cut at a slower speed. We recommend that the thickness of the metal not exceed 1/4".
The Polar, Mach Speed and the Modified Geometry blades have extended gaps between teeth to expel chips extremely fast. The all can be used on soft or hard woods and even on horn or plastics leaving a smooth finish.
This group of blades give a very smooth edge since the blade cuts both ways at all times. However that does not work well with thicker materials since the blade is always cutting into the material. These blades include the Crown Tooth and the Ultra Reverse
These blades are for cutting in any direction without turning. That is, you can push the board into the blade from any direction and it will cut. These blades are hard to control and tend to wander especially for inexperienced scrollers.
Blade teeth are cut by stamping, milling or grinding. The stamped tooth is the dullest and the ground tooth is the sharpest. The formation of these methods of cutting the tooth tends to bend the tooth to one side. The teeth are then set by bending them to each side in a wave like a hack saw or are individually bent. How accurately they are set (bent) to the side will dictate how straight the blade cuts.
Fret Saw Blades
Reverse Tooth
Double Tooth
Metal Cutting/Jeweler's Saw Blades
Extended Gap Blades
Continuous Reverse
Spiral Blades

How far the teeth are set to the side will define how wide of a cut a blade gives. The wider the teeth are set the better they clear the dust from cutting. For wide boards the wider set yields the fastest cutting speed since the dust clears and does not burn the wood from the heat of friction of the trapped saw dust. However, if you are making a puzzle then you want a narrow set in order to yield a thin cut so that the pieces fit tight.
Blade Teeth