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Scroll Saws
The first of the BM series Scroll Saw videos. This compares the BM series saws to the older ULTRA and G4 scroll saws. 
The Hawk 220/226 VS ULTRA, and 216VS Scroll Saw Instructional Video

The Hawk 220 and 226 series Scroll saws were the most common saws. The ULTRA series first started production in 1993 and this instructional video was produced and copyrighted in 1994 by RB Industries. It has been formatted from then-standard VHS to DVD. The Model 216 series is believed to have been discontinued in 2004. The 220 and 226 were produced through the end of RBI and were the first series sold by Bushton Manufacturing in 2009. 

In 2012 this line was discontinued for the improved BM Series (20" and 26") but parts are still available.

The Hawk G4 Scroll Saw Instructional Video
BM Series Video
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