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January 2022

Happy New Year to all of our customers, family and friends! As we begin this new year, we are looking forward to getting back in stock on all our products and caught up on production. Hopefully that will include feed rollers and planers too, which have been out of stock for the majority of 2021 due to supply chain issues. These are our main goals for this year.

We are also adding a "Clients" page, which you may have noticed on the left. If you use our machines and would like us to put a link to your website, we would be happy to promote your work on that page. Simply send a link to your website to customerservice@hawkwoodworkingtools.com and let Hope know. She'll get your site added to the page as soon as possible.

September 2020
We are currently working on repairing our machine that we use to manufacture our blade holders. If you are waiting for your order currently, it may be a few weeks yet. We apologize for the inconvenience! We will do our best to keep everyone updated and will get your orders out as soon as possible!

October 2018
Yet again we change our homepage for sad news, this time for the entire woodworking community. Homer Bishop, a staple of the intarsia community and original designer for the Hawk Bishop Clamp, passed away on the 18th of October. He was an amazing person who had a strong passion for woodworking.

We are also beginning our sales season and in his memory we have reduced the price of the Hawk Bishop Clamp from $195 to $160. We have a limited supply so purchase your Hawk Bishop Clamp today!

July 2018
It is with a heavy heart that we report we have lost another member of the Hawk family. Lea Orth, sister to owners Nilus and Loren and Aunt to Nikole died suddenly on Friday. She was our outreach program, calling customers to let them know when we would be attending a show in their area. She was an amazing woman and will be sorely missed.

The storms that rolled through our area Saturday night were echoed in our hearts, and the damage they left behind has been extensive. There are still those in our community who are without power and we are attempting to get things back in order. We ask that you have patience while we continue to assess and repair all of the damage done.

In other news, we have added a detailed instructional video from the old RBI archives for the HAWK RouterSHOP to the videos page and to the RouterSHOP products page. Stop by those pages and check out the video! It's sure to make you reconsider just how much a single tool can do!

October 2017
October has arrived and Bushton Manufacturing is as busy as ever! Nikole has returned from maternity leave and is helping us get back into our usual preparations for the upcoming holiday season. The end of the year is always our busiest as we receive more and more calls for orders and technical questions. As we come closer to the end of the year, we will be updating more frequently with more exciting news.

August 2017
It is hard to believe it is already August. Bushton Manufacturing has had a very busy year so far preparing for our newest member of the HAWK family! Baby Connor was born to Nikole and Scott in late July! While Nikole is on maternity leave, Adreann will be moving from part-time to full-time in the office. Nikole will be back in the office soon!

January 2017

Please be aware that our local phone company has been having some connectivity issues, especially this past week. We apologize for the inconvenience and dropped calls. They hope to have the issues resolved soon, but we ask that you bear with us while they resolve the issues.​

We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We attended several woodworking shows this last year but, at the moment we do not have any woodworking events confirmed for 2017, but we will post them in our Events ​Calendar below as soon as new information becomes available.  

We'd like to thank all of our customers for helping us turn 2016 into a successful year and we hope to assist you with all of your 2017 woodworking needs! Whether you have been a member for 30 years or just a few days, we proudly continue to provide service to everyone who has joined Hawk Woodworking Tools Family! Please check back regularly for new announcements on products, events and our company!  

December 2016

The Holiday Season is upon us and once more, we prefer to celebrate by making your own holidays a little more affordable. Our Bishop Clamp, LED Mag Light and our Vertical Clamp are all on sale for a discounted price throughout the Holiday Season. These specials are available both online or over the phone.

Our sister company, Quincraft Products, has the answer for those struggling to find gifts for non-woodworking friends and family. Give the gift of healthy popcorn with Atom Pop! The Atom Pop Popcorn Popper works on both electric and gas stoves and is loved by those of all ages! Click HERE for more Information!

As you begin searching for and making gifts for the holiday season, please keep in mind that we are working our hardest to complete your orders as quickly as possible.

Please place orders for gifts and crucial machine parts as early as possible to ensure Christmas delivery. The last shipping day for guaranteed Christmas delivery using the USPS First Class is before noon on Wednesday, December 20st.

Most importantly, Bushton Manufacturing would like to wish you a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season!
​October 2016

We had an extremely productive and successful stay at the Kansas State Fair this year! Our Scroll Saws drew a great amount of attention with the kids, sparking interest in both a new generation of future scrollers and their parents! Our PanelMaster IV and the new updates to our Planer kept Nilus constantly visiting with interested woodworkers. We would like to thank our hard working staff for all the extra time and effort put into transporting, setting up and working the booth during those two weeks. We would also like to thank our customers for their patience while our response time was slower than usual. We are now fully back on track and in motion!

September 2016

Bushton Manufacturing has completed our newest video introducing our new PanelMASTER IV! For more information on our Raised Panel Door Machine, please see our informational section on the PanelMASTER IV. We have also added several items to our Online Web Store for both Old and New PanelMASTERS. We will complete the cutters section very soon. Please still contact us by phone for new PanelMASTER IV machines or if you have any questions.

August 2016

​As we return from the Midwest Scroll Saw and Woodworking Trade Show in Iowa, we jump right into reparations for the Kansas State Fair! We will be at the Kansas State Fair September 9th through September 18th. Several guests will be demonstrating their work on the Hawk Scroll Saws throughout the week. Please stop by and check out our products or just come by to meet us! If there are parts or machines you know you will be ordering, please give us a call so that we can be certain that those items will be in stock for you.

July 2016

​​We are also very excited to be finalizing our preparations for attending the Midwest Scroll Saw Picnic on August 19th - 20th in Dubuque, Iowa! Please come out to see us any time during the event. We will have parts available for purchase at the show. If you are certain you will be picking up parts or even a machine, please call us beforehand so that we can be certain we have those set aside for you, just in case we sell out before you have a chance to visit us.

June 2016

Bushton Manufacturing would like to take a moment to thank Ben Fink for all of his assistance the last several years. He was instrumental in helping us decide which Pike and Pegas blades to carry. If a customer wanted a Pegas blade that we didn't stock, it was Ben that we sent them to. As a supplier and a fourth generation scroll saw artist Ben knew the value of using the right blade for the right project. We wish him all the best in retirement and hope he enjoys all of the time he will have to scroll.

Due to the retirement of Ben Fink, Bushton Manufacturing does plan to increase our selection of Pike and Pegas brand blades. Exactly which additional blades we will carry has yet to be determined but if you have a recommendation, please feel free to use our Contact Us page to let us know what blades you would like to see added to the Hawk line.

January 2016

2015 has been Bushton Manufacturing's best year ever. The wood tools side had a 48% increase in sales. This was led by the large increase in PanelMASTER sales with the introduction of the improved PanelMASTER IV. Planers also saw a large increase in sales.

We are happy to announce that we will be making appearances at shows this year. Watch the calendar to see which shows we add as the year progresses.

Our sister company, Quincraft, saw the AtomPop sales double while the outside work also saw an increase.

We acquired a high accuracy, high speed spindle and DMG Vertical Machining Center. With this, we purchased A&B Automotive metal engraving business and operate it under the name Advanced Auto Graphics.


We are now back from a wonderful turnout at this year's Kansas State Fair! We sold several new machines this year. We look forward to seeing everyone again at next year's fair!

Linus Orth, brother of co-owners Nilus and Loren, uncle to Nikole, and partner in sister company Quincraft Products, passed away Wednesday, July 8, 2015. He suffered from cancer for several years, but we were not expecting the suddenness with which he declined and it has been difficult on the entire family.

We ask that you have patience and bear with us while we make the necessary preparations and mourn his passing.

 The PanelMASTER IV has officially been released. The first run of machines has shipped successfully and we are already backlogged 2-3 months on orders for this machine. See our 'Products' page for more information.

Nikole is currently training our newest employee, Adreann. Once Adreann has completed her training, Nikole will be working part time in the mornings and Adreann will take over part time in the afternoon, as well as updating the website.

Bushton Manufacturing would like to welcome the newest member of the HAWK family! Baby Alia was born to Nikole and Scott Smith in early November. Rachelle was working part-time as Nikole prepared for maternity leave. She moved to full time when Alia was born and has been a big help keeping things moving. Nikole is back in the office on a very limited basis.

Our new catalog is online and ready for viewing and/or printing! We can also send you one in the mail. Just give us a call or email with your name and address and a request for a catalog.
Some of the updates in the catalog include details and specifications on the new PanelMASTER IV.

Bushton Manufacturing is looking for project pictures. We're looking for completed works and in-progress projects. If we can get a picture of you at your saw, that's even better! These pictures will help us add to future catalogs and events. We would ask that each submission be posted with at least your first name and your state. We do not guarantee that all submissions will make it into the catalog. We do not guarantee that your information will be posted with the picture, though we will do our best to make those accommodations. Please send your submissions to pictureperfect@hawkwoodworkingtools.com.

Several updates finally posted. It has been VERY busy around here and we apologize for the delay in these postings. Also, we have had a couple of show cancellations. On the positive side of this, it has freed up funds that are being used for advertising elsewhere. If there is a woodworking show near you and you would like to see us there, please email us. A link to the show's webpage would be fantastic for helping us check it out. We will look at each suggestion and, if we get enough interest in a particular show, we may consider attendance. One of the biggest things it will provide us is a better idea of where we need to be. 

Listed below are some other events that should have been included in our updates but were not due to such a busy final quarter.

December 2013
We would like to welcome Charles to our Shop Team. With such a busy holiday season, he has already proven to be a vital asset to the company. We would also like to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Scratch/Dent page is now available. Expect it to be updated regularly and understand that it is still a work in progress, as is the new Videos web page. We are working hard to improve functionality of the site and provide the most information possible about all of our machines. State fair is only a month away! We look forward to seeing everyone out there and having a successful fair.

The RouterSHOP page is now up and available for viewing. There is also a "BUY NOW" button on the page if you are interested. It will take you directly to the RouterSHOP viewing page of our webstore. For the RouterSHOP and the MultiFUNCTION Planer we have several accessories and parts now available for purchase through the webstore. 

The website has continued to make improvements. We now have pages available for viewing on the BishopCLAMP, VerticalCLAMP, JointABILITY, and the BM series scroll saws. Simply find what you are looking for in the product page and click on the picture. Each page also has a 'buy now' button to take you to our webstore where you can purchase these products. Watch for more updates as we add pages on the RouterSHOP and other equipment.

It's been a hectic past couple of months for us here at Bushton Manufacturing. Unveiling the BishopCLAMP at the Cedar Rapids show, then having two other shows in a month's time has been an exciting ride. Nikole and Scott are looking forward to the May show in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. For more information check out the link from the February 15, 2013 update. 

The BishopCLAMP page is now up and running. Just click on Products and then scroll down and click on BishopCLAMP or the picture to check it out. The clamping system and extra pieces are also available in the webstore. The Scroll Saw page is also up and running. Click on Products and then on either of the Hawk Saw pictures to view this page. There is also a Buy Now option that will take you directly to the scroll saws page of the webstore. Expect more pages to be available as we continue to improve the website and our webstore!

Bushton Manufacturing announces that we hope to attend the Northeastern Woodworker's Association Showcase at the Saratoga Springs City Center in Saratoga Springs, NY. Attending this show, if we make it, will be Nilus Orth (co-owner), his wife Valerie, and daughter Nikole (Primary Customer Service Representative). For more information on this show visit http://www.nwawoodworkingshow.org/.

Also, Kansas State Fair dates are now available as is the website. Any of the shows with a webpage can be visited by clicking on the red underlined text. For more information on the Kansas State Fair visit http://www.kansasstatefair.com/

Bushton Manufacturing announces that we will be attending the scroll saw picnic at the Quirk Center in Cuyahoga Falls, OH May 17-19th. For more information on this picnic visit the North Eastern Ohio Scrollers webpage at http://northeasternohioscrollers.yolasite.com.

Final decisions have been made and we will be attending the Texas Woodworkers Show in Houston, TX. Co-owner Loren Orth will be there with Circle Saw, a Houston-based woodworking tool company that will begin carrying Hawk products and offering some repair services. For more information on this show visit http://texaswoodworkersshows.com/index.html1/25/2013
For those who have been expecting us up in Wisconsin this year, the show holders have announced that they will not be holding a show this year, though they still intend to have a show next year. Bushton Manufacturing is currently in the process of discussing with other vendors and nearby hobbyists and venues hosting a show of our own during the first week of August. No specifics have been decided, but expect updates as they are. The Texas Woodworkers show is one we hope to attend. We are still working out the details, but if all goes well, we will see everyone there!

Uploaded new version of Tools and Accessories catalog. Version 5A includes an expanded section on the Hawk Precision Scroll Saw and it's accessories, a new section on the BishopCLAMP including many pictures from Intarsist and inventor Homer Bishop, and much more!

As we prepare to move forward into the new year, the holidays are a perfect time for people to reflect on where we've been. It is a time to remember how we came to be where we are now and plan for the future. We here at Bushton Manufacturing, makers of Hawk tools, could never have succeeded in rebuilding the strength and reliability that is the Hawk name without you. To our loyal customers who call in to tell us how amazing their machine is or how much happiness it has brought to the world, we thank you. To our new customers who have only been using your machines a short while, thank you for choosing Hawk and we hope your Hawk product brings you and everyone around you great joy. From all of us here at Bushton Manufacturing, to all of you enjoying or considering the Hawk product,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Bushton Manufacturing, makers of Hawk tools, announces we will be attending the first Intarsist's Convention: Discovering the Art in Intarsia which will be held in Cedar Rapids, IA on March 9th and 10th, 2013. Nikole Orth and Scott Smith will be featuring the Hawk BM-20 and BM-26 as well as the newly unveiled BishopCLAMP.

The Bushton Bazaar went well. Demonstrating on the Hawk Scroll Saw was the talented Carol McNickle of McNickle Woodcuts. Christmas orders are always welcome and we will even include a personalized message for the receiver at no extra charge! When placing your order just be sure to ask for your message to be added in and our customer service reps will be sure your message accompanies your package.

​Web Store Update: Blade Holders, Blades, Drill Bits, and the Saws are available for purchase. We will continue to add products to the store so check back often!

The web store is now active and we have all of the Olson, Flying Dutchman, and Lapcraft blades we carry available for purchase online. Check back often as we offer more product online.

We intend to start selling blades as soon as possible. We will continue to add to the store's inventory as we are able, but we should have all of our blades available for sale online by 10/31/12.

We are back in the offices returning orders placed during the fair. There may be a short delay as we catch up on everything so please be patient! We expect to be back at peak efficiency by the 25th. Thank you to everyone who came to the fair! We had alot of serious interest in a scroll saw club and we are looking into the idea now. If you would be interested in joining, attending, or hosting a seminar, please contact us by email or through this website.

From September 7th thru September 16th our new CSM Nikole will be in Hutchison, Kansas with her fiance and machinist for Hawk Woodworking Tools, Scott Smith. Our tent will be located on the Northwest corner of the Domestic Arts building. We will be hosting several demonstrators throughout the fair and we will have our updated BM line (replacing the Ultras) available to test drive. Also at the state fair, we will be unveiling a new product, the BishopCLAMP.

Had our first customer call in from website!

Website news: Website is up and running. Home page added. Products page added. Services page added. Contact Us page added.

Check in regularly as we continue to improve the website. We are currently working to create a list of brochures for individual machines to allow for more elaborate details. We are also working to create a fully functioning store which will allow clients to easily find and order any replacement parts directly online. Please check back regularly and watch for more changes and updates!