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The BishopCLAMP  a HAWK tool
This clamping system was developed by Homer Bishop. It is ideal for intarsia clamping but its versatility allows you to clamp ANY shape you want! The BishopCLAMP is made of HDPE, which most glues will not adhere to.
The BishopCLAMP includes:
     1          Base Board 24" x 32"
   10          Side Rail Segments
               (8 Attached Segments & 2                             Unattached Segments)
     1          Center Rail Segment
   10          4" rachet bar clamps/spreaders
     4          Weight bags
The Uses of the BishopCLAMP
If you need to clamp an odd shape, then the BishopCLAMP is the clamp for you. If you just need to inspect the fit, check the size or hold it until the glue dries, we have you covered. This clamping system can be used for clamping a multitude of regular and odd shaped items. This includes but is not limited to Fretwork, Intarsia, Stained Glass, Door Panels, Boxes, Picture Frames, Models, Carving, and Router pieces. Here are a few samples of what the BishopCLAMP can do.
Left: A fish project with no flat edges

Below: A tree that is later used in a larger project
Seen here is a beautiful butterfly lamp. With the help of two larger bar clamps, Homer was able to ensure perfect edges on even a curved project. 

This clamp's versatility is truly limited only by your imagination.

To demonstrate just how this can help you with a project, we will be using "The Good Life" which is a pattern by Homer Bishop.

Start with a copy of the pattern and set the center rail (the long rail) where needed.

​Cut the three major bottom pieces and use blocking so the clamps will reach the project pieces. Clamps are used as spreaders to keep the work area open.

Cut and check the fit of internal pieces. The clamps will keep the model securely in place.

Continue to cut and clamp pieces in place to check the fit. You may need to change the blocking and how the clamps push on the project to hold it as needed.

Continue to add pieces and clamping as needed.

The picture is now cut except for the sky piece and all the pieces are held in the proper place. Now is when the pieces would be sanded, shaped, raised or lowered and reclamped as this is done. 

When finished with that, the pieces can be glued and held flat while the glue sets up. The weight bags can be placed on the project to hold everything down flat.

And here is the finished project "The Good Life" by Homer Bishop.
All projects were done by Homer Bishop, designer of the BishopCLAMP. Photos with wooden rails were taken using his prototype.