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In March of 2009, the investment group closed the doors of Hawk Woodworking Industries, LLC. On April 14th, less than a month later, we, Bushton Manufacturing, LLC purchased Hawk Woodworking Industries, LLC (formerly RBI), moved it to our facilities in Bushton, KS and combined it with our other operations. 

We enjoy hearing from customers, many of whom have had their machines for 20+ years. We will always make an effort to get the right parts to the right place and we strive to ensure customer satisfaction. 
 The PanelMASTER IV has officially been released. The first run of machines has shipped successfully and we are already backlogged 2-3 months on orders for this machine. See our 'Products' page for more information.

Nikole is currently training our newest employee, Adreann. Once Adreann has completed her training, Nikole will be working part time in the mornings and Adreann will take over part time in the afternoon, as well as updating the website.

Bushton Manufacturing would like to welcome the newest member of the HAWK family! Baby Alia was born to Nikole and Scott Smith in early November. Rachelle was working part-time as Nikole prepared for maternity leave. She moved to full time when Alia was born and has been a big help keeping things moving. Nikole is back in the office on a very limited basis.

Our new catalog is online and ready for viewing and/or printing! We can also send you one in the mail. Just give us a call or email with your name and address and a request for a catalog.
Some of the updates in the catalog include details and specifications on the new PanelMASTER IV.

Bushton Manufacturing is looking for project pictures. We're looking for completed works and in-progress projects. If we can get a picture of you at your saw, that's even better! These pictures will help us add to future catalogs and events. We would ask that each submission be posted with at least your first name and your state. We do not guarantee that all submissions will make it into the catalog. We do not guarantee that your information will be posted with the picture, though we will do our best to make those accomodations. Please send your submissions to pictureperfect@hawkwoodworkingtools.com.


Jim Gunn passed away on Feb. 23,2014. He was an amazing scroll saw artist that was passionate about everything he did. He believed in the HAWK line and in Bushton Manufacturing's ability to keep that line alive. Several of us knew him personally and he will be sorely missed. His funeral will be on Friday, Feb. 28, 2014 and our offices will be closed so that we can attend.

On a professional level, Jim was invaluable. His scroll saw was the first complete scroll saw we had the chance to look over and double-check against drawings. He was always available for consultation if we received a call about a Scroll Saw problem and couldn't locate a solution on our own. He even taught a couple of our people how to use the Hawk saw, including Nikole.

In his memory, we will be having a Scroll Saw Contest at the Kansas State Fair this year. There will only be two categories, Youth and Adult. The only limitation on a submission is that it must be cut with a scroll saw. The Grand Prize will be $50 and a Jim Gunn Memorial Award trophy. More details about this contest will be added as they are finalized.

​August 14-15

September 11-20
​Dubuque, Iowa

Hutchinson, Kansas
​2015 Midwest Scroll Saw and Woodworking Trade Show
Kansas State Fair
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Here at Bushton Manufacturing, we take pride in long-lasting, well-built tools like the Hawk line. Hawk Woodworking Tools started as Pruitt in 1929 in the town of Pleasant Hill, MO. RB Industries (RBI) bought Pruitt in 1972 and moved the company to Harrisonville, MO. In 2007, RBI sold out to an investment group who called the company Hawk Woodworking Industries, LLC and moved the company outside Garden City, MO. 
​Linus Orth, brother of co-owners Nilus and Loren, uncle to Nikole, and partner in sister company Quincraft Products, passed away Wednesday, July 8, 2015. He suffered from cancer for several years, but we were not expecting the suddenness with which he declined and it has been difficult on the entire family.

We ask that you have patience and bear with us while we make the necessary preparations and mourn his passing.